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    BOLD MINDS is a YouTube channel aimed at motivating an army of next-generation entrepreneurs (from all over the world / all ages / all sectors) to build the businesses of the future that save the world.



    We are looking for local production partners to interview our contributors. Typically we will film four interviews per day, each interview will last 20 minutes (one take) with an hour allocated to the interviewee (during which time Andrew our interviewer will chat with them - allowing you 20 minutes on either side to set up / take down your equipment), We won't always have good lighting or access to power - so come prepared! Bring power banks (fully charged) long extension cables and portable lights (just in case). At the end, we will share with you a google. drive link (save as file format RAW files in ProRes and their low-res proxies in .mp4) for you to directly upload the content as well as handing over a physical hard dive as a back-up.

    • The interview will be a relaxed conversation between Andrew and the interviewee
    • It will take no more than 20 mins and we are able to do this in one take.
    • In total, each appointment will be 60 mins (typically 20 mins set up on either side)
    • We require you to sign up as new supplier (scroll down below to click the link)
    • Once you are approved we will agree a fee and issue a Purchase Order
    • Payment will be made in full 24 hours after we are finished and you have uploaded the content to our google.drive folder and we have verified the quantity.
    • You will be requiired to meet Andrew (our intervewer) in the morning at 8am at his hotel for breakfast for a briefing (the first appointment will typically be 09.30am.

    CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO SIGN UP AS A NEW SUPPLIER or email julie.pallisco@techadventure.uk.com for finance & admin queries / payment etc.


    Cameron Harnish, born in the USA now lives in Barcelona where he graduated top of his class with a degree in Media and Film studies Cameron has filled over 30 hours of content for us and was our go-to guy in Europe for filming interviews with contributors in Barcelona, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Berlin. Here Cameron shares his advice on the kit, the process and how to get the most out of the experience.

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    Here are some of the questions we get asked by thepeopleewe workk with that film our content


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