A global online platform created to turn anyone into an entrepreneur and take their idea from the back of a napkin and turn it into a successful business.

    We believe everyone has the potential to be a world class entrepreneur and at Bold Minds our purpose is to unlock human potential by inspiring an army of dreamers to take action and build better businesses.


    Our mission is clear, we want to create a community of the world's most driven people, supporting you in your mission to make the universe a better place for all living things, on planet earth, and beyond.


    We publish new content every week. From our SECRET OF MY SUCCESS playlist to how you take an idea from the back of an napkin to IPO in our JOURNEY OF AN IDEA playlist. Also check out our SOFA SO GOOD video series, where we plonk a sofa on a high street near you and invite passing people to share their business dreams and ambitions.

  • FROM the Back of a Napkin to ipo



    We are seeking epic locations and venues to film our interviews at.


    We require no more than one hour at your location and our team consists of two people (interviewer and cameraman) plus the person / people we are interviewing. Our set-up is never more than a handheld Cannon M50 camera, tripod and one portable LED light.


    The resulting video will be published on our channel targeting a global audience of high net-worth investors, entrepreneurs (from all walks of life) and anyone in business looking to develop their skills or product.

    We will name-check your location in the video, including your web address in the video description and name-check you in all social media posts for that video + all supporting PR. We can also work with your PR teams to ensure the timing of the video works for you and you will get a copy of the video to use as you see fit.






  • FAQs

    Here are some of the questions we get asked...


    At the end of the video where we use your location, there will be a title slide with your sales / marketing message and a call to action for you (10 seconds) eg 'click the link in the description to book your next business trip CitizenM Hotels". We will also mention your location in the description text for that video and include live links to your website / booking engine (and can include any promo codes).


    A comprehensive online supporting digital marketing campaign consisting of the following will support each video we post - focused on driving subscribers of the channel and viewers of our content:

    1. Paid campaign featuring in-stream pre-roll and discovery ads.
    2. Ads on Facebook and Instagram that drive traffic to our YouTube channel and your video.
    3. Each video will be transcribed with closed captioning and supported with outbound link cards and an end frame with related videos.
    4. Every video description will link to that contributor's page who in turn will promote the video across their social media profiles.
    5. Our team will respond to every video comment within 1-2 hours and pass your team any that are about the location used.
    6. In addition, the channel will be supported by offline PR targeting the business press and industry-specific press for each contributor.


    There are two core target customer types: 1. epic entrepreneurs (the people we interview / high-net-worth individuals / successful business people / CEO's and owners or large companies / successful online influencers etc etc) and 2. followers (also known as viewers or members / these are anyone globally that is inserted in our content / in business etc)


    • Our content will show them they are not alone / part of a community.
    • Our epic entrepreneurs will Inspire them.
    • Our videos will offer a guidebook for success / how to build a business.
    • Opportunity to learn from other's mistakes.
    • Demonstrate that failure is merely a pit stop on the road to success.
    • Because our followers want to make their dent in the universe.
    • They want to do something that makes the world a better place for everyone.
    • To be inspired.
    • To learn practical skills to help their business.
    • To learn specific skills to solve a specific problem / task.
    • To know where to start.
    • To be better / improve knowledge.
    • To build their own dream, not someone else's.
  • Contact Us

    If you are interested in discussing partnership
    opportunities with #JOURNEYOFANIDEA
    please contact Kylie Forrest


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